February 6, 2015

21 Day Fix Extreme

When I first ordered the 21 Day Fix and saw how little those containers were, I actually started crying. There was no way I was going to be able to do this. I love food. And I mean, LOVE.
But, I paid for the program already and I knew I enjoyed Beachbody products thus far so I told myself to give it a chance. I promised myself I would do it for 1 week and then see how I felt. The week came and left and by Sunday I was feeling pretty good! I was actually struggling to eat all of the food because the eating plan had me eating so many containers. I stuck it out for the entire program and saw great success. Not to mention how I FELT. Naturally when 21 Day Fix EXTREME came out, I was all in. No holds barred. (is that the saying? what does that even mean?!) I ordered the program the day it was released and it arrived today!! I'm having a hard time waiting until Monday to start this one. Who knew the difference I would feel between when the 21 Day Fix arrived months ago, compared to today when I saw the 21 Day Fix Extreme show up at my door! Quite the difference. This time, I'm ready! I'm doing it. All in.
Watch my blog for updates on my progress! If you want to join my group and order this program, too, fill out the application below to join me!

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