February 28, 2015

To the mom who puts herself first...

We've all heard the mantra "it takes a village", but I don't think many families practice this anymore.

I think one of the hardest things to admit as a mom, is that we need a break. That we cannot do it all and that we don't want to, even if we could. I love being a mom and I love my children more than anything in the world. But that doesn't mean that I don't get sick of them. It doesn't mean there aren't days where I want to scream and kick and throw a tantrum because I want something for myself! I see so many moms who are trying to do it all, be everything and do everything for their children. And not just do it, but do it RIGHT. We have become a society with such high expectations of parents, that somewhere, we've stopped enjoying the very thing that makes us great parents. Ourselves.

We hear less and less supportive words, and more words of judgment. We hear that we gave up our own lives when we chose to have children. Well, I for one, completely disagree with that. You are still a person! You are still YOU. And you cannot be a good parent, if you cannot first be YOU.


To the mom who sits in her car for a few extra minutes before walking into what is bound to be a crazy madhouse filled with dirty dishes, laundry and toys strewn about and your small people asking what's for dinner: You're doing a good job.

To the mom who hires a babysitter so she can go grocery shopping in peace: You're doing a good job.

To the mom who has been in the bathroom for 20 minutes (we all know women don't take that long to poop, c'mon!): You're doing a good job.

To the mom who drinks wine every night, sometimes before the kids even go to bed: You're doing a good job.

To the mom who spends her work bonus on a pair of shoes she really doesn't need: You're doing a good job.

To the mom who has just spent countless hours up all night with a sick child and is running on 2 hours of sleep, but can't wait to get away and get to work: You're doing a good job.

To the mom sneaking chocolate and potato chips into the closet where the kids can't find you: You're doing a good job.

To the mom who takes time for herself; the mom who spends time alone, the one who continues to do what she loves BECAUSE she has kids to care for; the mom who knows that she cannot be the mom she needs to be if she cannot first be selfish and take care of number 1: You're doing a GREAT job!

Let us begin to love more and judge less. To support each other, as moms. To offer a helping hand to a mom who needs some time to herself. Because at the end of the day, we're all doing the best we can for the little loves of our lives. And we ALL have that in common.

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