February 23, 2015

21 Day Fix extreme progress...more than halfway!

I've completed many rounds of the 21 Day Fix program with great success. It's a very do-able program for people of all levels, whether just beginning or having high fitness capabilities.

When 21 Day Fix Extreme was launched, I knew I had to get it. I was excited to push myself to the next level for some extreme results.  What I learned over the first week, will stick with me for life. This program PUSHES you. I felt prepared having completed the 21 Day Fix, however there is nothing that could have prepared me for Extreme.  I don't say that to scare anyone. Truly. It's an amazing program but it is SERIOUS. I struggled the first week but did every workout and stuck as close to the meal plan as I possibly could. I won't say it's been easy and I would never say I have been perfect at it. I am far from perfect. BUT, I keep remembering what Autumn always says and I let the past stay in the past. Just because I had a bad day yesterday, doesn't mean I couldn't give it my all today.

So here I sit on week 3 of the program and I'm feeling fabulous!! I don't think I will see my abs by the end of this week, BUT, another round of this and I think there's a good chance I might. :)

The difference between the two programs doesn't seem huge at first glance, but it definitely is. The workouts are more intense and use more weights. The meal plans are more dialed in and offer the option for an even more extreme plan, using the countdown to competition plan. I haven't followed that plan until this week and my results thus far are still pretty astounding.

If you're looking for a program that will take you to the next level, THIS. IS. IT. This program is the real deal. Follow it and you'll see results. Plain and simple.

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