August 18, 2014

That which we call a rose.....

Close your eyes and imagine you’re on a beach. Do you like the beach? Most people I talk to love the beach. Why do we love the beach? Well, it usually means we are away from the everyday mundane tasks that we live. Away from our 9-5 jobs. Away from the stresses that life throws at us day in and day out. A beach takes us to a place, even for just a few moments, far from the realities which we have carved for ourselves.
I want to clear something up about the company I recently started working with. I became a Team Beachbody coach because I BELIEVE in what they do. (Please, keep reading. This is important.) I believe in what this company teaches us, as humans, to do for ourselves to live happy, fulfilled lives.
I was skeptical about a company called “Beachbody”. To be honest, I fundamentally disagree with the thought that every person seeking health and wellness is also seeking a “beach” body. I was turned off by the name of the company. Until I looked deeper. While looking into the company, I was quickly reminded of a famous Shakespearean quote: “What’s in a name? That which we call a ‘rose’ by any other name would smell as sweet.” Team Beachbody is about helping us achieve the goals we set for ourselves. It’s about helping others to achieve their goals. It’s about spreading the word to end the trend of obesity.  The philosophy behind this company doesn’t originate with fad diets that don’t work. It teaches us HOW to live healthy lives. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on low-fat foods, special diet programs, gym memberships, and self-help books. This company teaches you to get up and move and eat CLEAN foods. I honestly could not believe that there was actually a company that would teach us to eat real, non-processed, CLEAN foods! They’re not trying to sell you food. They’re not trying to get you to buy into any kind of scam that will keep you feeling defeated. What they ARE doing is paving a path that ANYONE can travel down. A path that will help you achieve your own goals, not the goals they THINK are best for you.

So maybe “beachbody” means something different for everyone. For me, it’s about FEELING my best and DOING my best to be happy, loving and personally successful. I imagine the feelings I have when lying on the beach: freedom, warm happiness, and carefree. I joined this company because I fundamentally believe in what they do and I have a passion for helping others achieve personal success, wellness and happiness

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