August 21, 2014

Gray's everywhere!

I turned 30 this year. And with it came gray hair. Actually, the gray hair has been there since I was about 24, but there was less of it then. I would be lying if I said I don't care about how gray hair looks on me. I WANT to be able to say I don't care and that I'm not vain. I pride myself on my ability to look past these minimal things. But gray hair at 30?!?! It's such a hard one for me. I love my dark brown hair. I want it to stay dark brown without having to spend $$$ at the salon every 8-12 weeks! So naturally, I googled it. Did you know there are remedies to reverse gray hair?! It is my understanding that it is only really reversible if it's graying due to a nutrient deficiency and not due to aging. If you're graying due to age, sorry, out of luck!  BUT, many people who go gray early have a deficiency in copper!! What foods have copper? Well, the most prominent one is blackstrap molasses. So, naturally, I bought some. You're supposed to take 1-2 Tbsp per day and you will start to see a change no earlier than 3 months. That's what I've read. Here's the problem: It does NOT taste GOOD! I can't get past it. So I found a way to mask the flavor!! I started adding it to my Shakeology!! Yes!!!! I can't even taste it in there.

So if you have some gray hair you want to try to get rid of, maybe you can try this too. I took a before picture and I'm hoping in a few months I will be able to take an after picture and show the difference.

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