January 25, 2015

Don't label me.

This list could go ON and ON.

When we label others or ourselves, we create a box and we make a judgment. We present a reason for someone to like or dislike who we are as humans. We judge and we are judged. We hate and we are hated. We create space for people to push their opinions and agendas when we succumb to labels.

I can empathize with the idea that sometimes we feel we need labels to help us self-identify. I can understand a need to feel as though we belong somewhere. What I cannot understand is a need to project those labels onto OTHERS. If using these labels helps a person to identify and feel happy about who they are and where they are, by all means, label away. But if we are using labels to identify OTHERS, we are judging where we should not be. We are creating hatred where it should not belong. And we are allowing others to do it too. To others and to ourselves. So the next time you feel the need to call identify someone a certain way or place them in a category, think first, do I know this to be true? Is this label helpful or hurtful? Is anyone gaining anything from my labeling?

Stop labeling. Stop judging. Stop allowing others to put you in a box and stop putting others in boxes. Have thoughts of your own and feelings and opinions that are different than someone else, BUT, love people no matter what. Let us allow ourselves to experience a life of passion, love and desire, without all the labels. 

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