September 14, 2014

Gains over losses

I recently learned that a very good friend of mine has decided to "unfollow" me on Facebook. Some of my posts about the changes I've made to positively better my health and my life have upset her and she has a difficult time reading them. At first I was really hurt and fairly confused by this. But I have to consistently remind myself that everyone is on their own path. She is at a point in her life that is different than mine. And that is OKAY. I respect and accept that we are at different points in our lives. And while I'm saddened that she cannot be supportive at this point, I support her decision and feelings about it. Because I love her no matter what. I love my friends and family and strangers alike. And at the same time people are unfriending or unfollowing me, others are reaching out to me asking for help. And THAT is the reason I do this. I'm willing to lose a few followers over what I post if it means that I can help even one person on their journey to building a better life.

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