November 4, 2014

It was important

Do you ever attend a seminar, or read something in a book or see something in a video that triggers a feeling of motivation or inspiration, and in the moment, that feeling is AMAZING!? In the moment, you feel like you can do ANYTHING. In that moment, you make a commitment. You decide to make today the first day of the rest of your life, and make it count. Because you are inspired by what you've just heard, read or seen, right? And IN THAT MOMENT, it's all worth it. Your WILL to do what you want to is so powerful.

Don't you wish you could hang on to that? That you could carry that feeling with you into each and every minute of the day? But we can't. Because feelings are not permanent. Buddhist Bootcamp says "No temporary feeling is your permanent reality". This goes for positive feelings AND negative feelings.

We can't carry those feelings out longer than our minds and bodies allow us to. BUT, we CAN remember that it was important at the time. You said to yourself at the time "This is it! I want to do this! I want this change in my life!"

I set my alarm for 5am. And the LAST thing I want to do when I hear that buzzing noise is get up. I would LOVE to hit snooze and sleep for 5 more minutes, 10 more minutes, 20 more. Or just turn it off. And I almost do. My hand is RIGHT there....and then I suddenly remember, there was a reason I set the alarm. And in the moment it was important to me. So I choose to get up, and live out what I meant to do that morning.  I'm slow at first, but I greet the day with a smile and start the coffee. What was important yesterday, when I set the alarm, is all coming back to me again. I remember why I wanted to get up early.

Today I got up at 5am, drank my coffee, sat by my light lamp with my personal development book and read for 20 minutes. I then started my workout and finished everything I wanted to accomplish for the morning by 6:15am, just in time for the boys to get up and get ready for school.

Could I have slept until 6:15 right along with them? Sure, I could. Would I have felt as good? Would I have the energy I have now for the rest of the day? Would I have gained new knowledge and understanding about myself without having read my book?  The answer to all of that, is no. For me, it is no.

We are who we CHOOSE to be. We become who we WANT to become and who we STRIVE to become. You are the creator of your life. You write the book.

The next time you feel that moment of inspiration and excitement, write it down! Make a plan and then FOLLOW THROUGH. Don't let the excitement of the moment slip away so easily. Carry it with you and remember, just because the feeling has passed, doesn't mean it's not important. It was important then, and it still is.


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